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Harder They Fall

Time: 4:00
Mashana delivers six fight combos in one video so brutal, so creative, and so completely unsuitable for tender eyes, shared proudly and exclusively with the DeadlyDymes community. ...
6 credits / Preview
Oh Snap!

Time: 46 seconds
Part II of the Mashana May series. Flying scissors anyone?
1 credit
All Choked Up

Time: 1:02
In the first of a four-part fight series, Mashana shows her opponent who is boss.
1 credit
Wrong Answer

Time: 4:39
When Grace interrogates a thug from the Brotherhood, she kicks, punches and smashes her way to get exactly what she wants. (updated to correct audio sync issue)
7 credits / Preview
Mashana In Charge

Time: 1:29
With grace, speed and brutal efficiency, Mashana handily chops a tree-hating thug down to size.
2 credits / Preview
Who is Lady X?

Time: 4:24
A sensual, strong and swift warrior unleashes a bruising torrent of punches, kicks and knees, leaving her hapless challenger crumpled and crushed.
7 credits / Preview
Joanna Power Promo

Time: 1:45
Joanna gives a taste of what she is capable of in her quick, hard-hitting power promo.
3 credits / Preview

Time: 1:11
Teneice busts an unfaithful businessman and his hapless henchman then sends him packing with a suitcase full of pain.
3 credits / Preview

Time: 6:01
When an army veteran wakes to a brutal crime in her home, will her combat skills be enough to overcome an unknown enemy and save her inheritance? An intense, two-on-one two-sided battle...
9 credits / Preview
Cassidy Power Promo

Time: 1:46
Cassidy unleashes her power in this hard hitting, vicious power promo for the upcoming action series 'Roses Underground'
3 credits / Preview
Power Punch

Time: 8:16
CynTia burns hot in this bruising double-team boxing battle.
7 credits / Preview

Time: 1:32
While running an errand Grace stumbles upon a Robbery in progress. Is a team of four pissed-off thugs more than she can handle?
2 credits / Preview

Time: 4:39
A detective catches on to the case..but will it be too late? Featuring pro-MMA fighter Anais Almonte as an investigator with serious trouble on her hands.
4 credits / Preview
Interception 2

Time: 2:04
The mysterious warrior from Interception finally reveals herself to three unfortunate goons, in this melange of mutilations, joint snaps and all-around beat-down madness. Apparently, the...
4 credits / Preview
Three Ways to Die

Time: 2:25
In the not-too-distant future, a super-powered warrior runs hard and fights even harder. With the vicious and super-cute Mashana.
6 credits / Preview
Unusual Bounty

Time: 2:53
Kira stops by the home of one Steven Bates to collect her ornery prize.
4 credits / Preview
Party's Over

Time: 2:10
After a soiree turns ugly, Kira lays out three goons in this spine-breaking, heart pounding encounter.
4 credits / Preview

Time: 1:37
A mysterious thief's iron fists and vicious agility stop a courier in his tracks.
3 credits / Preview
The Bag

Time: 2:20
Tori is on a dire mission to retrieve a sacred package, and woe be to anyone standing in the way.
3 credits / Preview